4 Dangers for New Landlords


Renting out your house can take you in all directions. Make sure it sure it is the right one by working with Advanced Asset Management. Can't sell your house? Well, you're not alone. Millions of homeowners have put their homes on the market recently, only to see their for sale signs flapping in the wind. If you've decided to rent your home until you find the perfect buyer, you need to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by first-time landlords. There are plenty of Boise property management companies to help you. Here are some of the most common mistakes they will help you avoid.


  • Not treating your rental as a business. It seems really easy to put a 'for rent' sign in your window and start collecting a monthly income, right? Well, no matter how casual you may treat your rental, the truth is that it is a serious business. Boise property management professionals know that the IRS, insurance companies and local authorities all take home rentals very seriously. A property management professional in Boise, Idaho will help you make sure you comply with all the local, state and federal laws governing rental properties.

  • Thinking you're alone. Most people don't even try to do their taxes without professional help, so why would you try to rent out your home without professional assistance from property management in Boise? The truth is most property investors don't work without property managers. Working with a property manager can help you determine if your property is up to code and what the appropriate rental rate for your property is.

  • Rent does not equal mortgage. What many of those in Eagle property management find when working with first time landlords is a basic confusion about the difference between rent and mortgage. Canyon property management companies working with first-time landlords know about the anxieties associated with homeowners trying to cover their mortgages. Property owners need to understand that renting does not carry many of the advantages of home ownership. It is unlikely that your rental rate will be exactly the same as your mortgage payment. However, working with property management in Boise, Idaho means there are other strategies that you can use help cover the cost of your mortgage through renting.

  • Failing to do the leg work. One of the areas where the value of a Canyon property management firm is particularly apparent is when it comes to performing the background and credit checks required of any new tenant. Most first time landlords don't have the relationships with the credit investigation firms that property management companies in Eagle, Idaho do. This means that have to rely on spotty references from previous landlords and even the word of the tenant themselves. The truth is renting out your home means you are entrusting your largest financial asset to a complete stranger. Why would you not use property management in Boise to help you look into the background of the stranger moving into your home?


Becoming a landlord can be a great way to help you beat the market conditions. Working without an Eagle property management firm like Advanced Asset Management can also be a great way to find yourself in worse condition than when you started out. Many home sellers want to have their houses occupied while the housing market picks up. Make sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes by working with property management in Eagle, Idaho.