Property Management Boise, ID Offer Advice on Mold


All the experts in Boise real estate and Boise property management companies agree that mold is some of the worst possible news in real estate ownership. Mold is often hard to spot, and can cause big problems by the time it finally is uncovered. Below, we've gathered some good ideas from property management in Boise, ID for those who own property and for the rental property maintenance managers who take care of it.


Tips on Dealing with Mold

  1. Prevent leaks: The vast majority of mold problems are caused by leaks. Moisture, especially in enclosed spaces such as dark cabinets and closets, is a primary facilitator of mold growth. Property managers, therefore, schedule regular inspections for leaks in these probable places.

  2. Inspect plumbing: Your property maintenance manager should be checking the plumbing of your rental investment on a regular basis to confirm that it's in optimal working order. Making sure that part of this process is checking for mold in the moist areas around plumbing sites can avoid myriad headaches down the road.

  3. Check all air conditioning units for signs of leakage: PTAC units have a tendency to spring slowly dripping leaks, which can cause enormous damage when left unattended. The property management pros and maintenance managers with whom we checked say that this equipment is one of the biggest culprits in the creation of mold.

  4. Replace moist hoses: Home maintenance services in real estate investment property should include regular inspections of all hoses that are likely to develop moisture such as washing machine ducts.


Mold, when undetected and untreated, can cause enormous damage to both property and even threaten the lives of those who spend time around it.