Property Management Boise : How to Select Good Tenants


One of the worst nightmares for property managers is bad tenants. Bad tenants can cause damage to your property, loss of rental income, and loss of sleep. Property management Boise knows that it is much easier to avoid bad tenants in the first place because eviction can be a time-consuming and costly process. Here are some great tips from property management in Boise that can help select the best tenants for your rental.


The most important step to take is to screen prospective tenants carefully. Take some time verifying all relevant information on rental applications. Don't feel the need to hurry the process because it is better to have no tenant than to accept a bad tenant. Make sure to ask for a pay stub to verify income and to call their employer to verify current employment. Contact past landlords and all rental references to check for any past issues or eviction history. A pertinent part of this screening process is to check credit reports and perform background checks, so make sure the rental application has an "Authorization for the Release of Information".


Another step is to consider how and where to market a rental property. Consider using both paid and free rental ads to find a larger audience of prospects. Take clear and professional-looking pictures of your property and spend some time writing a quality and error-free description of your rental. Producing higher quality advertisements can lead to finding higher quality tenants.


These are just a few steps that can be used to avoid leasing your rental to a potentially awful tenant. If finding good tenants seems like an ordeal, consider using a property management company in Boise, Idaho. Property management in Boise can take the worry out of managing your rental property and leave you with steady rental income and peace of mind.