How Boise Property Management Can Find the Right Tenants


Advanced Asset Management is a property management company in Boise that offers assistance to property managers, in most of their everyday needs. Asset Management can help with leasing properties, maintenance, risk mitigation and many more services.


Many property managers have a tough time figuring out when prospective tenants can be a risk to their property. Research shows that there are ways to combat the potential "bad tenant". Boise Property Managers look for:


  • Overeager prospective tenants. Individuals who want to move in on the same day, with all their property bulging out of their car.
  • Blanks on their applications. Every blank space should be filled with something.
  • A prospective tenant looking for nothing in particular. Tenants should have an idea of what they're looking for and what they will need.
  • Prospective tenants with a troubled background. A tenant should be trustworthy and any recent criminal history could be a red flag.
  • Overly anxious prospective tenants. Individuals stumbling over their words and behaving unusually nervous.


Boise Property Management is careful to look for these signs and more when accepting new tenants. Property managers must make sure to create and maintain extensive applications that will be followed up on for trustworthiness. A long-term tenant is always better than one that will run out on you.