Boise Property Management | Negotiating Lease Agreements


Boise property management companies can help you achieve your desired investment results, if you plan your lease negotiations carefully.When it comes to negotiating a lease agreement, most people have very little experience. Getting ready to sign a lease with a Boise property management company can be a stressful proposition, particularly if there are clauses which you would like to change. As always, there are certain clauses that every tenant should be ready to protect themselves from. Professionals in property management in Boise, Idaho know that negotiating lease agreements is part of the property rental business and can offer prospective residents a few tips to help them succeed. With that in mind, here are six things to keep in mind when negotiating a lease with your provider of property management in Boise, Idaho:



  • Timing. One of the first tips that professionals in residential property management in Boise offer to potential renters who want to negotiate a lease is to make sure that their timing is right. Wait until after you've qualified for a property and established a relationship with the property manager to ask for concessions.

  • Respect. Another tip that professionals in residential property management in Boise have for those who wish to negotiate their lease is to do so with respect. While your provider of property management in Eagle, Idaho may have included a clause-or even a single phrase-in the lease that you don't like, remember that negotiations are a two-way street. Asking nicely will likely get a lot more done in your favor in the long run.

  • Restraint. Professionals in property management in Eagle, Idaho often see tenants who would like their landlords to give up a lot for relatively little in return. Don't let greed get in the way of a lease negotiation.

  • Give and Take. Remember that to get a little, you must give. If you would like your Eagle property management company to change something in your lease, be flexible when they ask the same of you.

  • It's not all about rent. During lease negotiations, Eagle property management professionals are often asked to lower the rent. However, rent is only one of the variables that should go into your lease agreement negotiations. Try asking for a lower security deposit, free parking, or coverage of monthly utilities instead of focusing solely on rent.

  • Get it in writing. No matter what happens in your lease negotiation, the most important thing to remember is that you must get everything in writing. The promise of a lower security deposit is only a promise until it is written into your lease agreement. Don't forget to have your property manager initial on the spot changes to your lease as well.


With rentals in high demand all across the country, it may seem as though tenants would have a tough time undertaking lease negotiations with their Boise property management companies. The truth is, if done correctly, Boise property management companies are willing to make concessions to qualified and responsible renters. If you have any more questions about lease negotiations, don't hesitate to contact an Advanced Asset Management property manager today.