Things Your Boise Property Manager Shouldn't Cut Out

There's no doubt about it, the economy is tough right now and the real estate market (every inch of it) is being affected by it. Therefore, any reputable and responsible Boise property manager is looking for ways to help their clients save money with their Boise rentals. There are several areas that can be cut out when it comes to managing investment properties, but there are also several areas that should never be cut out. Below you'll find the areas that your Boise property manager should continue, regardless of the cost.


  • Big-Ticket Maintenance - While the cost of any big ticket repair may have you muttering under your breath (or possibly aloud) the fact is that if you don't fix the problem, your tenant may decide to break the lease and move somewhere else, which will cost you more money in the long run. Therefore, fork out the extra money and fix the big repairs your houses for rent in Boise need, when they need them.

  • Safety Expenses - As a landlord, it is your responsibility to keep your properties maintained in order to keep your tenants safe. Therefore, it's important that you continue to have routine property inspections, repair rotting wood and other materials that need it, replace outdoor lighting (discourages thieves), providing smoke detectors, etc. Basically, anything you can do to increase the safety of your tenants should be done.

  • Prescreening of Applicants - Yes, it does cost money to thoroughly prescreen all applicants interested in your Boise homes for rent. However, this is a necessary expense that can save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the future. For example, if your Boise property manager stops prescreening to save you a little money and allows a felon to move in to one of your rentals, you may find yourself dealing with a whole slew of problems down the road. While the felon should report his history on the application, without a background check you can't prove that he has a clean background like he claims, right? Therefore, don't skimp on the prescreening process!