Boise Property Management | Avoiding Common Landlord Problems


Boise property management companies can help you avoid common mistakes With news that Boise home sales have continued to fall, it is no surprise that many property owners have been forced to hold on to homes that they had originally intended to sell. Many of these homeowners are deciding to rent their homes while they wait for the sales market to improve, becoming reluctant landlords in the process. Here are a few of the dangers that experts in Boise property management help reluctant landlords avoid on a daily basis:


  • Nonchalance. Reluctant landlords are so termed because they view renting their property as a second-rate option to selling it. However, any professional in Boise, ID property management will tell you that there is great demand for rental property right now. Even if you do want to sell your property eventually, it is only sensible to get the most you can out of your investment in the meantime by renting it.

  • Not knowing the law. One of the benefits that comes with working with experts in property management in Boise is that their oversight will guarantee your compliance as a landlord with all state, local, and federal laws.Though you may not be deeply interested in the job, as it were, ignorance of all the federal Fair Housing Laws could invite serious problems. Working with Eagle property management specialists will ensure that you are on the right side of the law.

  • Neglecting repairs and maintenance. Many Eagle property management professionals come across reluctant landlords who feel that because they are renting, they don't have to address their property's maintenance problems with the same kind of urgency as if they were preparing to sell it.Boise property management companies know from experience that making simple upgrades can deliver great dividends. For one thing,the nicer your property, the nicer the tenants that Boise property management companies will be able to attract.

  • Not running background checks. Perhaps the single biggest advantage of working with a company providing property management in Boise, Idaho is the access they enjoy to criminal, financial, and eviction databases. Inexperienced landlords avail themselves of these resources far too seldom, typically tempted instead to trust their gut feelings about a tenant. Any property manager can tell you how often this road leads to an eviction proceeding.


Whether you are a property investment veteran or one of the reluctant landlords, dealing with problem tenants goes hand-in-hand with owning an investment property. There are tenants who break their leases and leave early. There are tenants who stay after they've stopped paying rent. Simply owning a property is the easy part;choosing the right tenants and interacting with them comfortably is where a Boise, ID property management company can make a big difference. No matter what type of situation you find yourself in, it is important to work with a company specializing in property management in Boise to get the most out of your investment property. To learn more, contact an Advanced Asset Management representative today.