Environmentally friendly property management in Boise


Eagle property management knows most property left behind after a tenant moves out can be recycled.As most professionals in Boise property management know, tenants can leave behind some pretty weird stuff. Dealing with the possessions left behind on Meridian properties can be a complicated matter. Idaho law does not provide for a landlord's lien against a tenant's property, so if a tenant leaves valuable items on one of the Meridian properties after their lease ends, property management in Boise should file an eviction complaint. However, for most of the commonly left behind items, there are some environmentally friendly means of disposal. Here are a few:


  • TVs and Electronics. Anyone who has been in Eagle property management long enough has run into their fair share of abandoned TVs, stereos and other household appliances. As items of value, these should be turned over to the local sheriff's office. They will be sold and the profits returned to the State of Idaho. Sometimes, an Eagle property management company will encounter a tenant who leaves behind damaged electronic goods. There are a number of recycling options available to prevent toxic components from damaging the Earth.

  • Cleaning supplies. Did you know that the average American household contains roughly 25 pounds of toxic chemicals? Sometimes, property management in Nampa, Idaho will encounter a bevy of toxic cleaning supplies and other household chemicals left behind by a departing tenant. While it is tempting to pour these down the drain and forget about them that would have drastic consequences. The best way to dispose of these unwanted cleaners is by attending a hazardous household products exchange.

  • Household goods. More often than not, Garden city property management will encounter tenants who leave behind small items such as silverware, alarm clocks and hangers. While it may be tempting to throw these into the trash, these items can go on to serve useful purposes in other households. Consider donating useful household goods to the Salvation Army or putting them up for free on Craigslist.

  • Mattresses. Most of those in property management in Nampa, Idaho have encountered a left-behind mattress at one point or another. The sad reality is that there aren't many recycling options available for old mattresses. A limited number of companies have started recycling old mattresses, so it is a good idea to check out the opportunities available in your area.


Some Garden city property management companies think that the best way to deal with left behind property is give it to the Goodwill. In Idaho, the issue of disposing of a tenant's left behind belongings is a bit more complicated. Following this guide, you can utilize environmentally friendly solutions to dispose of some of the most commonly left behind household items. If you have any more questions about what to do with the things that tenants leave behind when they move out, talk to an Advanced Asset property manager today.