Boise, Idaho, Property Management | Why You Need Landlord Insurance


Most, if not all, homeowners purchase homeowners' insurance to protect against damage to their home and personal property, as well as against claims filed by guests of the property. If you decide to rent out your house, however, your homeowners' insurance will not provide coverage any longer because such a policy only covers owner-occupied dwellings. In this case you will need to purchase landlord insurance, and Boise property management companies have compiled a list of the reasons why this is necessary:


  • Protecting the dwelling: Most landlord insurance policies cover destruction of the dwelling due to disasters such as fire, floods, storms, or earthquakes. They also cover destruction due to burglary or tenant error. If the dwelling is rendered uninhabitable, the policy can also cover lost rental income.

  • Protecting your personal property: You probably own most of the appliances in the dwelling like the stove, the refrigerator, and the washer and dryer. You may also have left some tools for use by the tenant. Landlord insurance policies will cover any damage to these items. They will not, however, cover damage to the tenant's personal property. You should suggest or require that a tenant purchase renters' insurance for protection of their property.

  • Protecting against claims from the tenant or his guests: Even if you think you maintain a safe and habitable property, you can never be sure that your tenant thinks the same. If you have multiple properties, consider buying an umbrella policy for additional coverage.


Landlord insurance can cost fifteen to twenty percent more than homeowners' insurance, but it is worth every penny. For more information about purchasing landlord insurance, please call Boise, Idaho, property management.