How to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn from Boise Property Management


One of the first things prospective tenants will notice when viewing a rental for the first time is the front lawn. Boise property management teams believe a well maintained lawn says a lot about a landlord and their dedication to making sure their property is well taken care of. Well maintained lawns can be a huge selling point to perspective renters for any number of reasons. If they have pets or love to garden, a well-maintained front lawn can be an essential selling point.


One of the first tips many property managers in Boise suggest is to fertilize the lawn at least once a year. However, it is important not to over fertilize because over fertilization can make the grass more susceptible to insects and disease. Using a slow-release fertilizer is the best option to avoid damaging the lawn. Landlords should never use any sort of pesticides or insecticides because having some insects and microbes is actually healthy for a lawn.


Another tip property managers in Boise suggest is making sure the lawn is mowed often and at a high speed with sharp blades. When mowing at a high speed, grass tends to grow taller, which is healthy as it prevents weeds from sprouting. It also keeps the soil moist for a longer period of time. Having a well groomed lawn will also enhance other features of the lawn such as trees and shrubs.


Property management teams in Boise also suggest watering the lawn deeply but to avoid over watering. It is better to water for a longer period of time when the lawn really needs it. Watering often for short time periods trains the grass roots to stay near the surface which makes it harder for them to find underground moisture when there is no water. For more amazing lawn tips, get in contact with a Boise property management team today!