Boise, Idaho Property Management Shares Snow Removal Information


Winter is almost here, and in Boise, this inevitably means that snow will be coming. As a landlord, it is important that you know your rights and responsibilities regarding snow removal from your properties as well as practical tips for doing so. Boise property management companies are happy to share some excellent advice for keeping your properties clear of snow.


The laws regarding snow removal vary from state to state and from city to city, so you should research your local laws for specific requirements. However, as a general rule, landlords are required to maintain a secure property for their tenants and any people who are lawfully on your property. Such people might include letter carriers or delivery people, and if one of them slips and falls because of snow, you could face an expensive lawsuit.


In general, landlords are expected to remove snow from apartment properties, but if you own single-family properties, you might want to have your tenants assume responsibility for snow removal by including a provision in the rental agreement. Although you may sue your tenants for failing to remove snow, you will still be liable for any accidents. In order to reduce the potential for accidents, you should make sure that you or the tenants have arranged for someone to remove snow when the tenants are out of town. Additionally, you should clearly mark dangerous areas with warning signs; these would include areas with icicles or cracks in the ground.


If you would like more assistance regarding snow removal, please contact a friendly Boise, Idaho property management company today.