Boise Property Management on Spring Cleaning All Year Long


Are you a property owner with a rental property investment? Boise property management experts agree that there's nothing like a bit of spring cleaning any time of the year to make your tenants happy, and consequently, keep those costly vacancies down. Here's a handy list, compiled by local professionals in Boise, Idaho property management, to hand to your maintenance manager or to accomplish yourself. Either way, everyone involved will be more content living in your rental investment.


Get out the paint and brushes

Repainting flawed walls, painted equipment, and markings can bring a piece of real estate to life faster than just about any comparable chore. Make sure that your building maintenance management has a good supply of paint, brushes, and solvents on hand to encourage quick repairs.


Pruning and cleanup of landscape

Nothing says "dumpy" like a rental property with weeds and dying plants left unattended. The good news is that these simple, yet extremely effective jobs, will cost you only time. If you or your maintenance manager don't have the time to take care of these important tasks, make sure you assign them to a landscaping company or other similar employee.


Get brilliant about lighting

Someone should be checking all the lighting on the grounds and in the communal areas of your investment property on a regular basis. This step is crucial for safety in areas such as parking lots and necessary for the proper functioning of the community in general. More than that, a dingy, poorly lit property reflects an apathetic attitude in property management. Just as a new day brings new hope, a well-lit property provides a sense of security and well-being.