Boise Idaho Property Management | The Pros and Cons of Dog Parks


One of the keys to being successful in Boise property management is having attractive amenities. If you provide few or no amenities, it is difficult to stand out among the competition. However, you can also go overboard by spending lots of money on amenities that are not used much, so the trick is to have amenities that are popular and easily maintained.


If you allow dogs in your apartment community, you may want to consider installing a dog park. A dog park is a space where dogs can run around off-leash and play with other dogs, and they provide benefits for both dogs and people. First, dogs need daily exercise, which can be difficult to get in a small apartment. Giving dogs exercise reduces their stress and reduces the chance that they will bark indoors or chew up your property. Second, dog parks give your tenants an opportunity to know each other, and an increased sense of community will reduce interpersonal problems.


Dog parks are not without their disadvantages. Because they allow for increased interaction between dogs and people, there is an increased chance that a dog will injure someone. They may also be a health hazard if owners do not clean up after their dogs. To combat these problems, you should install plastic bag dispensers and waste receptacles, and you should also post rules that aim to minimize the chances of dogs hurting people or each other.


If you would like to build a dog park for your apartment community, Boise Idaho property management companies can get you in touch with designers who have relevant experience.